Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Toby Turns 2!

This past weekend my baby boy became 2 years old. I still can't believe it! How quickly time flies!

Toby is such a happy little boy who charms everyone he meets. He is an adventurous soul who knows his own mind and isn't afraid of voicing his opinion. I love that his personality is developing more and more everyday.

Although Toby is very stubborn and doesn't often like to repeat words, he is learning how to communicate more clearly. My heart skips when I hear him say a new word or try to string together a phrase.

The best part of my Toby being a fully-fledged toddler is being able to show him and teach him more about the world around us. We celebrated this by taking him to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm and showing him all the animals. He loved it so much! His favourite animals were the meerkats, the owl, the ducks, the giraffes and the tigers. He even said "tiger" for the first time.

I love being this boy's mumma and being blessed enough that I can stay home with him each day.

An honest and unbiased review of Noah's Ark Zoo Farm will be coming soon.

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